After many years of experience producing quality castings and machining, TRU-CAST, Inc. services the demand for quality brass, bronze, and aluminum castings. Comprised of a 40,000 square foot
plant on 9 acres of land, the intent was to make the name TRU-CAST, Inc. synonymous with quality and value. Today, a second generation company, our direction and goals remain the same.

Our casting facilities have expanded to include both green sand and chemical air set molding -- the latter complete with sand reclamation.
Our furnace room is totally electric, offering our customers the best
in quality metal poured.

In addition to our casting facilities, TRU-CAST, Inc. has a modern machining facility equipped with CNC vertical, turning, and horizontal machines that allow us to further serve the needs of our customers.
We also assemble machined castings and components to deliver complete units.

At TRU-CAST, Inc. our word is our bond. We mean exactly what we say. Call us for your casting needs and please accept an invitation to visit our facilities. We are here to serve.